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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  July 7, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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new res eleronic devices beuse of what's being called a a l u.s they used to get really tired. very real threat. until i started gellin'. violent holiday, what spark i got dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. soed much gunfire? when they're in my shoes, nearly 70 people shot on the my feet and legs feel less tired. it's like walking on a wave. streets of chicago over this dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. past july fourt weeken > ba of attacks of i'm a believer! israel ands take them on the way you always have. shading aacksnd rocket fire live healthy and take one a day men's 50+. and new fears wreeaing a dangerous tipping point. a complete multivitamin early detection, dogs with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. helping doctors save lives. age? who cares. fiinaccuracy. in w.>>bc nyos db intercourse that's painfulit... due to menopausal changes. the problem isn't likely to go away... ...on its own. controll cha and brewing so it's time we do something about it. anger at airports all or the and there's help. world, wherever passengers are premarin vaginal cream. boarding direct flights to the a prescription that does what u.s. this has to do with electronic no over-the-counter product devices and a new rule. was designed to do. it provides estrogens
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if they aren't charged, if you to help rebuild vaginal tissue can't turn it on,t doesn't and make intercourse make the case in more comfortable. thost 9/11 era, we're not premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal changes due to allowed to know the exact nature menopause and moderate-to-severe of the threat here but air painful intercourse caused by these changes. security is ramping up around the world and many are wondering don't use premarin vaginal cream is domestic travel where we wil if you've had unusual bleeding, breast or uterine cancer, blood clots, liver problems, itheig castello at reagan airport in washington. good evening. stroke or heart attack, >> hi, brian. this is coming from overseas are allergic to any of its ingredients t igin thepae told tt' w or think you're pregnant. side effects may include headache, t p ithein adoup pelvic pain, breast pain, em t a vaginal bleeding and vaginitis. estrogen may increase your chances of getting cancer of the uterus, hea l aparis strokes, blood clots or dementia, so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. laeso estrogen should not be used depa thereives to prevent heart disease, heart attack, ven e ps stroke or dementia. faigs w t steindiakik int elo o board a plane perhaps fighting westerners fighting in syria who hold american or european passports. at a police testi ground in
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2010 fedgentssven a small amount of plastic explosives wrapped inside a laptop or a pair of shoes. >> where it's positioned in the aircraft could cause a danger to outer and inner shell of the aircraft. >> the danger with electric devices is the ability to hide eduard shevardnadze has something metal, like a military or commercial detonator, which died, an old school communist makes a bomb extremely reliable. drafted into the thinking of mikhail gorbachev and they went on to make foreign policy and iee h the ubn09.l a ease relationships with the u.s. thanobsol jteim dotnac all in ways largely reversed today. shevardnadze went on to run the ngment sth>> wedias soviet georgia. when that came to a tumultuous end. he admitted too much democracy was a bad thing. he was 86 years old. a rare appearance by abu backer theises ifs mmer al baghdadi, calling on muslims dakingt,7 le 1 to obey him. much of the media attention went ore cic nd
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to his wrist, specifically a watch either an omega speed master or rolex daytona, a s ati y ue sh egrdly dht hcr runwouldrear uant smo wo ared.he pnt,de jheforwde leffrii ywor offic thntee "tju e money thest oilm he ge tsnd i to bo omcity's estim >>ndaychicago. ek whihe , l r . epr: dialyce tii ofro. wh'te a45 egr sid tereitesanflav's any s.old, oflock kidhe unemployed and wesut the future. >> it's a case of you kill my man and i will kill yours. it's a cycle that never ends. >> reporter: chicago police superintendent garry mccarthy blames the prore ovla boost® original nutritional drink. lood aas sncon off i each delicious serving provides... n ag.>> aomth p ge tryomhat 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle,
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>>e o and 26 essential vitamins and minerals nfuehe l thelifdec nt o m including calcium and vitamin d rsinvohere to support bone health. plus, boost contains 3 grams ofer mocednf hesettlement. which helps support digestive halth. try boost original nutritional drink today. this deal still needs to be voted on and approved by thousands of former players and their beneficiaries. the next major story is the which helps support digestive halth. you wouldn't have it she any other way.our toes. middle east, a situation so tense tonight with air strikes but your erectile dysfunction - and rocket attacks lighting up it could be a question of blood flow. the night sky there are cialis tadalafil for daily use full-blown fears of an intefad helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. style outburst of violence. live for us in journalism and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, tonight, ayman, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. in the past 80 houhour, more th eeng to urbo al itinthy en s t c n, rockets have been fired and soldiers over the country. it usd re.rilu, set stom ye oopdiyour doun uraseonskeesei e osra tensions have been rising so much so there is growing concern tonight there could be an outbreak of all-out conflict. >> in gaza, calls for revenge
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today are getting louder. the palestinian militants vow to mjuears otear partiyme r ths re p have fighters killed by air strikes and israel says it will stop palestinian rocket fire, both sides exchanging more rhetoric while palestinian parents grieve for their children. tsad t>> blot. repst tou ihed the more of a 16-year-old american teenager buried last week naftali, by other jewish ho>>heruc my teens killed by suspected palestinian militants at large. irardsed >> no more or father should go >> fetom lo through what we're going now. we share the pain of the other ca yas parents. >> reporter: today, mohammad's father took me to the streets and showed me where his 17-year-old son, a palestinian, of>>orecid hyhoav was kidnapped before he was burned alive by suspected jewish extremists. before we arrived, israel's prime minister called him and nge offered his condolences and >> it s aar s condemning the murders and saying the w >>!
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>> ' mro >> reporter: we'll have to wait. hi conatrom jew >> i c hear you. >> put a washer bng wre ir a o ort theghtiasicd >>eporter: this er lhenl,naiattend f there? >> i feel so bad. youut w minnlo gh . ek.ngit. i missed the chance to see him for the last time. >> reporter: today, we joined m b him and his father as they visited mohammad's grave, a moment of peace amid the looming threat of war. this evening in an attempt at inxt whhe oam cease-fire between palestinians and other factions has failed. and palestinian protesters and other israel security forces mhe a-lies li there is growing concern it could spread to other cities wesecret inside israel. >> eamon dean, thanks. >> did father joe bring a y a closely watch at the a weddoppig vatican today as the pope met with six victims of clergy sex >> crazy new couple alert. abuse and this pope begged for zac efron and michelle rodriguez their forgiveness and spoke of the need for reparations for all over each other. back on "the vida victims, a comment that drew a
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lot of attention and didn't give af specifics. some abuse survivors were less i mpvi kari >> takin she' charitable today and calling it engagedoanciceosowfehy jus a pr event and saying they don't expect much to change. all eyes on the specific rim tonight including americans with am family in the region watching a massive typhoon that may break s uni records for this time of year. teen the entire nation of japan falls within the cone of the predicted path of the typhoon neoguri, the strongest thus far in 2014. sustained winds may top 130 miles an hour. and accommodations with okinawa and japan will be difficult as these next two days or so play out. already the u.s. has moved 60 aircraft off okinawa and 30,000 will attempt to ride it out. the ongoing crisis in mexico, the u.s. saying most of the children coming across the border will be deported back to
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their home countries and three more buses delivered and many children d jour c incot aceange to escape, stephanipo has prob enough to meo fle there hesmpanadto the u >> thkionduo they call ablspotro os e res theey happens on foot, a tough climb of steep hills. on the other side is guatemala. th team has justneicle and 2 officers to patrol 45 miles. the commander worries about the children's safety. because of the my s ln lik came.n wot t f bo conolled the only safe places for kids to forrritory. a local youth center is one of come and play.
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>> this 13-year-old says his older brother is in a gang. an ak-47 is in the house and he's scared. a familiar story to er pediatrician david mendoza. on a busy night he will see seven or eight victims of violence. the parents of this 17-year-old boy in a coma say he was shot because he wouldn't join gang. ndoza believes the violence is driving honduran kids out and changes to. i lwon' stop them. d them at the borders and send them back home, they are going unntth wnlr l s sana das il orne unntth wnlr l s sana das il orne raah!ringsterol b chol ribequto lowen die
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l, a mecle ouor wealuaeregn ocomo chol e, are you down with upbecrestor!? ask your doctor if crestor could help you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. c'mon, you want heartburn? when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast, with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact. and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum... tums! back now as promised with medical news how dogs can help doctors save lives by detecting one of the deadliest forms of cancer, ovarian cancer, with an
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astonishing level of accuracy, one of them finding cancer correctly about 90% of the time. we get our report tonight from our chief medical editor, dr. nancy snyderman. >> a morning dog gives carolyn some time to get to know her dog. she fosters the dog while he takes part in a new program at the university of pennsylvania school of veterinary medicine. >> he's been an incredible addition to my he's changed my li. >> repter: he working hard to change the les of three other men. mcbain and three other dogs are ing pi tt that could identif ovarian cancer in its early to? >> reporter: the dr. cynthia otto runs theprogram. >> ouroal i to put a dog in every hospital, a lab in every lab. what we really want to do is
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help refineol ing t eui o the dog's nose. >> reporter: a dog's nose knows. it's about 100 times more re goodveritsale ed s d ists.oa i developneolst ose specific to ovarian cancer that will duplicate what the dogs are naturally able to do.gnithvance. she donated her tissue samples reg tgh be y inopomoth pt ofit. >>lreaeen prean accurate, it's over 90% this w bdalhe nup orsro accurate. >> all the more reason to love and admire these animals. nancy snyderman, thanks. we're back in a moment with a cal, s
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todi. v my feet felt so heavy at the end of the day.
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